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South Australias ECONOMIC PRIORITIES SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS PLAN 20152016 CONTENTS Message from the Premier.......................................................................3 Introduction.............................................................................................45 South Australias first whole-of-government communications plan................................................................................6 Cross government communication themes.....................................7 Transforming the South Australian economy.............814 Reforming government....................................................1519 Safety equality opportunity and justice...................2023 Standing up for South Australia in the Federation.................................................................2428 Strengthening government communications........................2932 Ensuring value for money..............................................................3334 How we plan to do it................................................................................35 Information on government advertising..................................3637 By setting out major areas of focus for the government and describing some of the key communications activity taking place this communications plan will help government communicators to collaborate across traditional silos become more effective and drive efficiency in our communications effort. Government communications will also play an important role in providing South Australians with information that enables them to understand the issues confronting the State and make them aware of opportunities to participate in government decision-making. It is an undeniable fact that South Australia is in a state of transition. We are seeking to transform our State from an old to a new economy while at the same time protecting the way of life we value. We are seeking to create new jobs save our threatened planet educate our children for an unpredictable future and continue to fund the services South Australians need and expect. Effective and efficient government communications will make an important contribution to the achievement of our public policy objectives in each of these areas. 3 MESSAGE FROM THE PREMIER This plan builds on the strong foundation of professionalism and commitment to delivering value for money that exists among government communicators. I encourage all those involved with government communications to review the plan consider how it relates to their work and identify ways in which communications could strengthen efforts to deliver a prosperous future for South Australia. Jay Weatherill Premier of South Australia WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU Government communicators play a vitally important role to help the public understand the Governments priority policies and services available to them. Were also central to involving the community in decision-making whenever there is an opportunity to shape projects and programs. This is the South Australian Governments first whole-of- government communications plan and is modelled on the approach taken by the United Kingdom Government as part of its communications reform initiatives. Communication is central to the Governments ability to successfully deliver policies and services that benefit the lives of South Australians. It is designed to take a holistic view of communications work for 201516 across all South Australian Government agencies within the wider context of the Governments policy priorities and major reform agendas. It also encourages us to think strategically about how our everyday communication efforts fit within the bigger picture of government service and policy delivery. Its about actively creating links between agencies from within our own agencies and with partnering organisations to do the best we can with our budgets and resources. THIS IS THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS FIRST WHOLE- OF-GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS PLAN ... 4 INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION Communication plays a vital role in successful delivery of policies and services COMMUNICATING WELL STRIVING FOR CONSISTENCY IN APPROACH AND EXCELLENCE IN DELIVERY IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE ... 5 Importantly it will set us on a path of continuous improvement. The Department of the Premier and Cabinets Strategic Engagement and Communication Division will provide and facilitate more training and professional development support to all government communicators. This will help teams within agencies to develop the expertise and confidence to deliver exceptional campaigns and communications that connect with our many audiences. Communicating well striving for consistency in approach and excellence in delivery is easier said than done particularly given the diversity of our work and broad communications objectives. By planning carefully and working closely with the Governments policy and operational areas we can ensure communications play an even more effective role in coming years. Paul Flanagan Executive Director Strategic Engagement and Communication Department of the Premier and Cabinet Digital communication provides new ways to engage the public WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU This annual communications plan reaches across the South Australian Government for the first time. It forms part of the Governments reform effort to ensure resources are efficiently and effectively focused on the key challenges and opportunities for the State. It also responds to a communications landscape that is increasingly characterised by online and digital communications and recognises the need to ensure government communicators can operate with high levels of skill and efficiency in support of policy and service delivery. This plan will therefore seek to Focus effort on the delivery of public policy priorities Many government agencies run strong campaigns directed at discrete areas of policy and service delivery. The plan will build on this work by establishing cross government communication themes to ensure alignment between individual campaigns and public policy priorities. Strengthen government communications capacity By providing greater clarity about how individual campaigns support the achievement of overarching policy objectives the plan will help government communicators to identify opportunities to collaborate and combine effort. The plan will also establish key areas in which government communications capability can be strengthened including improved communication planning online and digital communication and new techniques for influencing attitudes and behaviours. Ensure government communications provide value for money South Australian Government communications already have a strong focus on evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns and improving efficiency. The plan will build on that by continuing to refine evaluation mechanisms and explore new opportunities to improve the cost-effectiveness of communication efforts. MANY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES RUN STRONG CAMPAIGNS DIRECTED AT DISCRETE AREAS OF POLICY AND SERVICE DELIVERY. 6 SOUTH AUSTRALIAS FIRST WHOLE-OF-GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS PLAN 1 3 2 7 CROSS GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATION THEMES 3 4 SAFETY EQUALITY OPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY 2 REFORMING GOVERNMENT 1 WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY REFORMING GOVERNMENT SAFETYEQUALITYOPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION S South Australia offers a highly competitive tax regime 8 1 The Governments economic plan is underpinned by ten economic priorities that will transition South Australias economy from a reliance on traditional but declining industries to new and growth industries. Key to our success will be strong partnerships between business government and community. Activities to support the economy will focus on the Governments long-term economic plan creating more jobs removing activity taxes for business balancing the budget investing in infrastructure and attracting international business students and visitors to South Australia. We will highlight plans to attract investment support new and growth industries across the State and to open up opportunities in the global marketplace. Key communications activities include Promoting our nation- leading taxation system The State tax reforms are making South Australia an attractive place to set up businesses and will assist existing companies to consolidate and grow. A lack of visibility and consideration of South Australia as a place to do business however is a critical barrier. This is being challenged by targeted communications towards interstate and international businesses encouraging them to do business here via overseas and interstate delegations forums networks and promotional activities. In the coming year events promoting the States tax reforms will be held in interstate capital cities to raise awareness of the major tax reform package that will see almost 670 million in tax reductions provided over the next four years. Were building our States reputation as a great place to live work and do business 9 TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU New investment attraction agency This new investment arm will lead all major investment attraction activity by proactively identifying and facilitating potential investment with the goals of attracting capital to growth sectors establishing new operations of international firms and facilitating the start-up of new industries. Communications will ensure there is a professional and consistent approach to industry when seeking to deliver on these goals. Examples of recent successes include attraction of the OZ Minerals head office to Adelaide and Hewlett- Packard expanding its operations in an investment expected to produce 430 high-end technology jobs over four years. Increased tourism campaign investment We will invest in an aggressive tourism campaign to market South Australia as a unique and attractive destination to attract more visitors and grow tourism jobs. At the heart of an almost 50 million investment in the visitor economy is 35 million over two years to promote South Australia to domestic and key international markets and secure new major events and conferences. A communications focus will be on growing tourism marketing opportunities in China India and South East Asia as well as traditional markets of the United Kingdom Europe the United States and New Zealand. Worlds first carbon-neutral city The State Government is working on a new climate change strategy that will outline the states plan to achieve a low carbon resilient future. At the centre is a commitment to make the City of Adelaide the worlds first carbon-neutral city and the development of a low- carbon investment plan for South Australia. A series of consultation papers has been released as part of preparing the States new climate change strategy. Electric and driverless cars are part of a low-carbon future WE WILL INVEST IN AN AGGRESSIVE TOURISM CAMPAIGN TO MARKET SOUTH AUSTRALIA ... 10 Northern Economic Plan The Holden plant at Elizabeth is scheduled to close in 2017. Businesses and jobs in Adelaides northern suburbs will be affected most. This plan for the northern suburbs will identify and support new employment opportunities in growing industries such as health and aged care food and agribusiness. Involving business and the community in this plan is vital. A range of consultation activities about the plan and projects in development such as a proposed food park will occur with the final plan to be delivered after input from industry businesses schools universities and the community. Regional economic growth The States regions are crucial to South Australias prosperity. They contribute about 25 billion to the States economy annually and produce about half of our merchandise exports. Efforts are being made to strengthen engagement with regional communities by holding three Country Cabinet meetings and at least three Senior Management Council meetings in the regions each year. The outcomes of a series of workshops held with regional community and business leaders in July and August 2015 will be used to determine priority activities in each region to support job creation investment and economic development. INVOLVING BUSINESS AND THE COMMUNITY IN THE NORTHERN ECONOMIC PLAN IS VITAL. The States regions are crucial to South Australias prosperity TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY 11 WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 12 Engaging with China and South-East Asia We will pursue economic opportunities with China particularly through our relationship with Shandong Province which stretches back almost 30-years. This relationship will continue to build following the successful trade mission in May reciprocated by a Chinese delegation from Shandong in September 2015. South East Asia also offers a range of economic opportunities and is a focus of efforts to increase trade and develop beneficial relationships through trade delegations. Communications will support this work via events and marketing activities that showcase South Australia and the investment and trade opportunities that it offers. Attracting overseas students With more than 30000 international students education is South Australias fifth largest export accounts for about 8000 local full- time jobs and is worth an estimated 972 million to our economy each year. The State Government is seeking to accelerate the growth of our international education sector to drive the economy and job creation. The Destination Adelaide Plan will guide the States investment of 9.9 million over four years in promoting Adelaides education capabilities to international students. It will boost South Australias competitiveness in attracting international students from key Asian markets to our education institutions while linking in with tourism and trade opportunities. Premium food and wine The growing world demand for premium products that are cleanly safely and sustainably produced creates significant opportunities for South Australias food and wine industries to grow. A major international marketing program is promoting our premium food and wine in key markets including the US China Hong Kong and Singapore. Advocates for South Australian products will help to promote our premium food and wine while the State Brand is being used by businesses to help increase consumer recognition of South Australian products. A Premium Food and Wine Toolkit will help local businesses promote their products as will the Supporting Brands of our Key Regions program. Promoting our premium food and wine will help expand export markets 13 TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY Urban renewal and regeneration Iconic sites have been targeted for renewal including Port Adelaide the old Royal Adelaide Hospital Riverbank and Housing Trust stock. At the same time new private sector projects will be encouraged by planning reforms to offer economic development opportunities and boost the competitiveness of our state. The old Mitsibishi site at Tonsley is an example of a site transformed to focus on the States high-value manufacturing future as part of efforts to build world- class industry capabilities. From preparation of these iconic sites for development through to delivery of final projects the community will be informed engaged and provided with opportunities to share their views. Communications will be deployed to explain the benefits of renewal and engage those most affected by changes that result from transformation of sites to new uses. Nuclear Royal Commission This is an independent and comprehensive investigation into South Australias participation in the nuclear fuel cycle. Once the Commissions report is provided to the State Government there will be further communications activities to engage the public in the decision- making process. 13 Tonsley is an example of a site transformed to focus on the States high-value manufacturing future WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU CASE STUDY BAROSSA. BE CONSUMED MARKETING CAMPAIGN Launched in June 2013 the Barossa. Be Consumed campaign showcases the Barossa as a premium food and wine destination interstate across television cinema press and online channels. The impact in the Barossa region has been very positive with growth in tourism in the region increasing rapidly in response to the campaign. The television commercial gained extensive media coverage and won numerous international film awards including Grand Prix Gold for Best Tourism Film and also Best Director at the 2014 Baku International Tourism Film Festival. Barossa. Be Consumed campaign 14 A focus on the early years of childhood and schooling will help children reach their full potential 15 TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY REFORMING GOVERNMENT SAFETYEQUALITYOPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION S 2 WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 16 South Australias success requires a modern and capable Government that works together with citizens business and communities to deliver results effectively and efficiently for the State. South Australia is reforming government to deliver better services more efficiently. This process of reform is working across key areas of State Government service provision. The public sector plays a critical role in partnering with business and the community to build a stronger South Australia. Key communications activities include Health reform Reform will shift emphasis away from illness and episodic care and towards wellness early intervention and prevention. Health services will increasingly be provided in primary and community-care settings and when suitable in a patients home rather than hospital. Through Transforming Health we are transforming the health system to ensure access to the best care first time every time by building a new Royal Adelaide Hospital upgrading other major hospitals and consolidating duplicated functions. Implementation and awareness campaigns will be launched throughout 201516. This will start through further engagement of those most affected by the changes and followed by communications to support the operational roll-out of Transforming Health across the system. Communication efforts will reach out to the community staff and industry so that they are informed and continue to have opportunities to influence and take part in delivery of the reforms. Education reform A focus on the early years of childhood and schooling will help South Australian children reach their full potential. Through the States Childrens Centres we cater for the development needs of children zero to five years old to reduce the chances a child will slip through the cracks before they reach primary school. Another example is new parents receiving text messages pointing them to videos with important information about raising a child supporting parents during the first two years for their childs life. Complementing this is Health reforms will shift the focus to wellness early intervention and prevention COMMUNICATION EFFORTS WILL REACH OUT TO THE COMMUNITY STAFF AND INDUSTRY ... 17 REFORMING GOVERNMENT Planning reform will focus on creation of more housing choice the new South Australian Certificate of Education that better equips all students with the skills and capabilities including science technology engineering and mathematics STEM needed to succeed beyond school and enables over 95 per cent of South Australian students to complete Year 12. Reforms to the education system will be communicated via the Governments school network by directly reaching out to students and parents affected via targeted school communication channels. Planning reform Renewing and reinvigorating our urban environments can improve the lifestyle of all South Australians. This includes reducing urban sprawl and focusing on new development within our existing urban footprint creating more housing choice reducing costs to new home buyers protecting our iconic agricultural landscapes and reducing the burden on taxpayers for future infrastructure. When planning and development changes are proposed effective community engagement and communication mechanisms will be put in place to make sure affected communities and stakeholders are kept up to date and provided with opportunities to influence the decision-making process. This may include open days surveys door knocking and distribution of information about the proposed changes and negotiation. RENEWING AND REINVIGORATING OUR URBAN ENVIRONMENTS CAN IMPROVE THE LIFESTYLE OF ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIANS. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU Infrastructure reform A proposed shift towards a national infrastructure system that is financially efficient and sustainable stimulates economic growth and supports local services for local people will create capacity for state governments to invest in community infrastructure such as public transport schools hospitals social housing and arts and sporting facilities. The need for reform and the options that should be considered will be communicated to all South Australians. When funded projects are undertaken extensive community engagement and communications with those affected will occur to facilitate change and give the public a voice in how major infrastructure projects are delivered. Integrity The South Australian Government will build on the establishment of the Independent Commision Against Corruption and political donations reforms with further initiatives to strengthen faith in public decision-making. These will include legislation to ensure that lobbyists do not threaten the integrity of the political process and stricter post-service restriction on lobbying activities by former Members of Parliament. Communications will be developed from the time these initiatives are presented to the Parliament. THE NEED FOR REFORM AND THE OPTIONS THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED WILL BE COMMUNICATED TO ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIANS. Olympic time trials at the South Australian Leisure and Aquatic Centre show the value of quality infrastructure investment 18 19 REFORMING GOVERNMENT CASE STUDY TRANSFORMING HEALTH COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGN The Transforming Health communications campaign was launched during 2014 in support of proposed changes to the health system. It used an integrated communications approach to inform and engage the community workforce and industry on proposed changes followed by the decision-making process. During the consultation period a total of 2370 submissions were received from health staff industry groups and the community. Combined with the feedback from the subsequent Transforming Health Discussion Paper more than 4500 comments and opinions were received. A Transforming Health Summit was also held and attended by about 600 doctors nurses allied health workers and members of the community. Hundreds more people took the opportunity to speak directly to the clinicians who helped to develop the proposals during hosted community information forums. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU REFORMING GOVERNMENT SAFETYEQUALITYOPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION South Australia has a tradition of championing safety equality opportunity and justice 20 3 Ensuring equal access to services is a fundamental part of enabling people to fully participate in society. The State Government will continue to strive towards this ideal with a focus on institutions that guarantee universal education health and justice. The Government is committed to building on South Australias tradition as a society that champions safety equality opportunity and justice. People expect high- quality health and education services they want to feel safe on our roads and in their communities and they want to protect the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. Key communications activities include Strengthening child protection We are looking at ways to improve child protection by strengthening the States child protection processes. Campaigns will be developed to encourage more people to become involved in protecting children. In addition the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission is currently underway and is expected to report in May 2016. Once the State Government has considered the report suitable communication activities will be developed. Community attitudes that underpin domestic violence need to be changed 21 SAFETY EQUALITY OPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE Taking a stand against domestic violence Violence against women is a national emergency. Women are being killed by a partner or former partner at a rate of more than one a week in Australia. South Australia is taking a lead in efforts to reduce this shocking toll. Our Multi-Agency Protection Service in Adelaides CBD is the only service of its kind in the country and has been praised by anti-domestic violence campaigner and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty. The State Government will take part in a national domestic violence campaign. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 22 Transforming Justice A contemporary effective and efficient criminal justice system which maintains justice and integrity will attract the confidence of the public. The State Government is committed to bringing together the agencies and organisations that make up the criminal justice system and engaging with the broader community sector to create a shared vision. This will be facilitated via public consultation on a series of Transforming Justice discussion papers that will be used to inform improvements to the justice system. Road rail marine and community safety No death or serious injuries to people on our roads and rail or in our marine environment are inevitable. The whole South Australian community must work together to address trauma caused by everyday use of the roads rail and waterways as well as other hazards. Campaigns that challenge attitudes and behaviours that can lead to death and injury for example the fatal five in road safety driving under the influence inattention fatigue restraints and speed will use the full suite of communications and engagement resources available to improve our safety record. New Royal Adelaide Hospital The New Royal Adelaide Hospital will be an expanded major tertiary hospital. Due for completion in 2016 it will cater for our growing and ageing population and provide high-quality care and treatment to all South Australians. Communications activities to support transition to the new hospital will include awareness campaigns about the move reaching out to the community staff and patients and an open day prior to the hospital opening. Communications will challenge behaviours and attitudes that can lead to death and serious injury 23 SAFETY EQUALITY OPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE CASE STUDY DRINK DRIVE GROW UP COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGN The 2015 Drink Drive Grow Up campaign challenged drink drivers to question their behaviour by using child actors to re-quote commonly used excuses to validate drink driving. It resulted in improved awareness and positive attitudinal and behavioural results consistent with an improvement in crash and enforcement indicators. The campaign used a research-based approach to creatively reframe and challenge drink driving behaviour demonstrating the important role communications can play in helping to tackle dangerous behaviours in our community. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU SAFETYEQUALITYOPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION The State Government will advocate strongly to protect the States interests 24 4 South Australias interests are directly affected by Federal Government policy. The South Australian Government will advocate for the States interests as a range of decisions critical to the future of our high technology manufacturing sector funding of health and education services the tax system and the allocation of grants to the states are decided at the federal level. A critical year in federalstate relations will be 201516. The State Government will advocate strongly to protect and further the States interests in regard to national decisions that affect South Australian jobs and essential services for South Australians. We will also continue to work constructively with the Federal Government to advance Federation reforms that will improve the productivity of the nation and wellbeing of our citizens. South Australia is transitioning to a high-technology manufacturing sector 25 STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION Key communications activities include Federation and federal tax reform South Australia and other stateterritory governments are working with the Federal Government to reform the roles and responsibilities of each level of government to better fund essential services and to support economic transformation. South Australia has already reformed its own State taxes to encourage growth and employment. We will engage with a range of community stakeholders as part of the Federation reform effort to ensure South Australians will benefit from any changes. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 26 Health and education funding South Australia shares the view of other states that the 80 billion cut to health and education spending announced by the Federal Government in 2014 is unsustainable. We are working with all states and the Federal Government to develop an appropriate funding base and policy framework for delivery on high-class universal and essential services and will communicate results from these negotiations as they come to fruition. Renewable energy and climate change South Australia has invested heavily in renewable energy and we are pursuing the economic and job creation opportunities this growing industry offers. Federal Government decisions have created great uncertainty for the renewable energy industry. South Australia will work towards a bipartisan federal policy that underpins growth in the renewable energy industry. Defence industries investment Defence is a critical sector for South Australia and the nations economic prosperity. The State Government is working hard with the defence industries to create sustainable defence industry growth and attract additional activity. Key goals include holding the Federal Government to its commitment to build 12 new submarines here and bipartisan support for a 30-year continuous build policy. This requires increased awareness of the breadth and depth of the States defence credentials its track record of success and South Australias resolute commitment to defence industry growth. Communications activities to support this could include delivery of campaigns and sponsorship lobbying and event participation to build on the Defence State brand. South Australia will pursue growth in the renewable energy industry 27 STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION Widely known as the Defence State South Australia is committed to defence industry growth Automotive and resources industry transformation South Australia has made significant investments to support automotive industry transformation. We are calling on the Federal Government to allocate resources originally committed for car component manufacturers and workers so they can adapt their processes and skills to find other markets for their products. State Government activities include the Automotive Workers in Transition Program that consists of information sessions career advice and transition services skills recognition and training or business start-up advice. It is available to workers from supply companies planning to diversify or close. Similarly to support workers and communities affected by the resources downturn an Upper Spencer Gulf Community Engagement Team will provide support and advice. DEFENCE IS A CRITICAL SECTOR FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIAS ECONOMIC PROSPERITY. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU CASE STUDY FIGHT FOR THE MURRAY COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGN The Fight for the Murray campaign was launched in 2012 as part of South Australias efforts to ensure the nations first Murray-Darling Basin Plan protected environmental sites like the Coorong and recognised our irrigators long history of efficient water use. The campaign raised awareness about the plight of the Murray and showed that more water was needed to be returned to the river to restore it to a sustainable level of health. It involved community events and stakeholder meetings a media campaign across South Australia and interstate and social media including a Facebook page that attracted more than 26000 followers. The campaign helped to increase the amount of water to be returned to the river from 2750 gigalitres to 3200 gigalitres and secured 445 million in funding for river communities in South Australia. 28 29 TRANSFORMING THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY REFORMING GOVERNMENT SAFETYEQUALITYOPPORTUNITY AND JUSTICE STANDING UP FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA IN THE FEDERATION S Striving for best practice communications Improving the quality of our work and making a difference to the lives of South Australians relies on all government communicators considering the role they play and identifying how they can work within their teams or with policy and operational people within their agency to do things better. The fundamentals of communications havent changed every plan needs to consider the Why the What the Who and the How. Every plan also needs to consider the value of market research to inform project planning and incorporate evaluation measures to benchmark success. What has changed is how the world communicates particularly with the advent of social media and digital media channels. Community expectations around engagement and communication have also become more sophisticated and demanding. For government communicators there are many more tools and media channels to consider compared with a decade ago in addition to the traditional communications methods. Today a successful approach requires good planning to employ the right mix of tools to reach and connect with diverse audiences. To achieve success we need to raise the bar regarding communication planning and execution professional development and cross- agency networking. In this way South Australians will be better informed and involved about government policies and services. STRENGTHENING GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS There are many more tools and media channels to consider compared with a decade ago WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 30 Our structure Communications in its broadest sense uses many complementary disciplines to engage with people. Across South Australian Government agencies we have people with strong public relations and writing skills those who are good at media liaison some who have digital media skills others who have expertise in community engagement and people who understand marketing dynamics that encourage behavioural change. The challenge is to integrate these specialised areas of expertise at the planning stage of each communications task so that a more cohesive and holistic approach to our communications is taken. It is essential to recognise and value the importance of these diverse skills as we develop communications plans. Strategically considering each project or program and fully exploring the potential of harnessing all the communications disciplines and making them work in tandem will result in far more effective results. Fostering increased collaboration and more robust planning as well as supporting professional development and up skilling of government communicators is the preferred approach to lift our standards and improve our effectiveness. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO RECOGNISE AND VALUE THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE DIVERSE SKILLS ... Audiences for our communications are now reached through a range of complementary disciplines 31 STRENGTHENING GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS THE TEAM WILL WORK ACROSS GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE CLEAR LEADERSHIP ... What is the role of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet The Strategic Engagement and Communications Division SEC within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet DPC is responsible for providing leadership and support across government communications teams to make sure all our communications are closely aligned to whole-of- government priorities. SECs job is to facilitate better synchronisation and cohesion and to ensure that all activities represent high value for money. The SEC team will work across government to provide clear leadership in all areas of communications planning. This will include Strengthening SECs advisory and support role across government ensuring that high- level communications strategies are developed for each agency to guide communications efforts over a 12-month period. Working with agencies to provide increased advisory support in all areas of communications forward planning project and campaign execution. This will include integrated communications advice for public relationsmedia liaison activities market research community engagement marketingadvertising campaigns including media buying and creative agency procurement and alignment with internal communications. Developing a rolling program of professional development workshops and forums to help improve the skills of government communicators. Convening a cross- agency Directors of Communication Committee DCC that will meet regularly to progress cross-agency communications projects and maintain a focus on high-level collective goals that support the Governments program. Budget and resource challenges are part of our operating environment doing more with less is about managing to improve capabilities expertise across the Government and becoming more lean and efficient along the way. To this end the DCC will play a key role in identifying opportunities for harnessing best use of resources across the Government for key deliverable projects and designing ongoing training and support to promote professional development outcomes. Continued monitoring of the Governments media advertising expenditure for marketing campaigns and major engagement activities. Providing an important interface between the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and agencies to adapt and respond to changing government priorities. Maintaining and managing the whole-of-government master media purchasing contract currently held by MEC. WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 32 What will government agencies do Improving the way the Government communicates with South Australians requires all agencies and their skilled communicators to play a part. Agencies can work with SEC to achieve our collective goals for delivering excellence and continuous improvement in these ways Lift standards within each agency to self-regulate the quality of communications planning for the everyday operational and service delivery projects. Develop a 12-month agency-level communications strategy that reflects the business plan of each department which in turn supports the Governments high-level priorities establishing a clear line of sight between agency delivery and the overarching government priorities. All government communicators will develop project-level communications plans that integrate media liaison public relations- based communications community engagement and advertisingmarketing campaign delivery as part of project implementation. With representation on the DCC it will be expected that each agency places high importance on communications strategy planning being at the forefront of project delivery. It should include a robust process of evaluation benchmarked against communications objectives. ALL GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATORS WILL DEVELOP PROJECT LEVEL COMMUNICATIONS PLANS ... Communications forward planning is expected from all agencies 33 GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING MEDIA EXPENDITURE HAS REDUCED AS WE STRIVE TO CREATE MORE EFFICIENCY ... The State Government is constantly looking for ways to undertake its communications work efficiently without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Government advertising media expenditure has reduced as we strive to create more efficiency while still achieving high-quality and effective communications. For example as shown in the table below the annual expenditure on purchasing media was 11.3 million lower in 201415 than the baseline year of 200910. It should be noted that savings have been achieved despite industry standard increases in the cost of buying media. The highest spending campaigns run by the State Government are the ones that also bring the most benefit to the State by increasing tourism health or safety. This plan will further align policy and communications work to ensure that we obtain best value for money from our investment in campaign activities. ENSURING VALUE FOR MONEY Notes for table Figures as at 21 July 2015. Figures provided by the Master Media Agencies excluding GST and MMA fees Figures include Government Enterprises and Statutory Authorities Figures exclude Third Parties GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING MEDIA EXPENDITURE 200910201415 FINANCIAL YEAR MILLIONS 40 30 20 10 200910 201011 201112 201213 201314 201415 Media expenditure M WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 34 Further improvements to the cost-eectiveness of our media expenditure will be achieved by increasing use of new media including digital channels when it improves our ability to target audiences and measure campaign performance reconsidering use of media that cannot demonstrate campaign success or reach to specified audiences recognising the value of niche and unique media channels particularly when targeting local regional or ethnic audiences building a stronger portfolio of owned media that directly reaches out to communities including websites and social media channels. undertaking more direct community engagement activities to improve two- way communication and providing a range of ways for the public to contribute towards the governments decision-making providing agencies with greater flexibility to run their day- to-day operational communications in line with organisational priorities focusing communications effort on the themes identified in this communications plan. FOR THE WHOLE-OF-GOVERNMENT THE TOP TEN CAMPAIGNS BY MEDIA EXPENDITURE FOR 201415 MILLIONS 0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 Transforming Health Driver distraction Drink drive Speed Clipsal 500 Regional driver safety Best Backyard tourism Tour Down Under Tobacco use cessation Barossa tourism Note for table figures supplied by the Master Media Agency as at 10 August 2015 HOW WE PLAN TO DO IT 35 In the coming year the communications efforts underpinning the overarching agenda outlined by our economic and strategic priority frameworks will guide our collective work. With such diversity of the Governments operational activities and policies all with a broad range of communications objectives and audiences it is absolutely essential that we understand where our collective priorities lie. A key objective of this overarching government communications strategy is to mandate an expectation that communications work supporting delivery of individual agency- led policies projects and programs has a clear line-of-sight to the governments overarching public policy objectives. This helps us understand the wider context of our work so that all communication outreach to South Australians conveys a bigger picture. There will be opportunities to move from setting collective communications priorities to greater collaboration when there are departmental overlaps. This will yield better results for the community by improving the quality of our communications and creating opportunities for budget and resource efficiencies. Communications work must have a clear line-of-sight to the Governments overarching public policy objectives WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU 36 Government Communications Advice within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet maintains responsibility for across-Government oversight and management of external marketing communications activities. Specifically media expenditure on whole-of-government advertising is monitored and reported annually. Government Communications Advice has responsibility to maintain a suite of guidelines and associated circulars for marketing communications. The guidelines provide instruction and assistance to the whole- of-government on the appropriate and effective use of public funds for advertising and associated marketing communications activities. These guidelines are used by both the Premiers Communications Advisory Group and Government Communications Advice to guide the review and approval of Government marketing communications activities. The website provides information and advice to assist government marketing and communications personnel in improving the quality value and effectiveness of their external communications. Further details on a number of guidelines for these activities can be found on this site. In addition sources of information about South Australian Government priorities include Governors speech 2015 Economic priorities Strategic priorities INFORMATION ON GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING 37The Government Communications Advice website provides information and guidelines for government communicators The Government Communications Advice website provides information and advice to government communicators WWW.GOVCOMMUNICATIONS.SA.GOV.AU