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Types of advertising

Brand advertising

Brand advertising usually involves a high degree of creative content, often comprising of emotional images, graphics and copy. It is used to generate awareness, create brand positioning, affect perception, or elicit behavioural change with respect to a particular service, product or policy. Government agencies generally use the services of a creative advertising agency or graphic designer to produce creative materials. Brand advertising typically includes an integrated media mix such as television, radio, outdoor, digital, print and out-of-home.

The Government of South Australia may use reasonable levels of public funds for brand communications and advertising under the following categories:

  • Addressing matters of risk to life and safety of the public
  • Positive public health messages
  • Generating economic activity and/or raising revenue for the state
  • Promoting issues of social benefit and/or cohesion relevant to the broader community

The Master Media Agency for brand advertising is MEC.
MEC can be contacted on 8366 4744.

You can find further information on briefing the Master Media Agency here.

Please refer to the Guidelines for the Premier's Communications Advisory Group process for more information on the approval process.


Functional advertising

Functional advertising aims to impart specific information in a simple format for immediate or short term appearance. Contemporary media provide a range of methods to disseminate functional information to the community. This may include:

  • Digital, online
  • Industry publications, newsletters and websites
  • Local and community publications relevant to the message and audience.

The Government supports communication of functional messages such as:

  • Attendance at an event
  • Public health and safety notices
  • Road and public transport interruptions.

To ensure advertisements are cost effective they must be functional in nature, small in size and mono only (where additional cost is incurred for the use of colour). 

Additionally, guidelines apply to the following types of functional advertising:

Public Notices

  • Public notice advertising is only permitted where it is required by law that it be published in a local newspaper

Tenders /Expressions of Interest

  • Tender/Expressions of Interest advertising is not permitted, except in regional newspapers relevant to the location of the requirement


  • Recruitment vacancy advertising is only permitted as follows:
  • Online recruitment sites, industry publications and electronic bulletins
  • The standard government or health composite advertisements appearing in The Advertiser – Careers lift out Positions Vacant on Saturday
  • Executive positions of an ASO8 level or higher are to be advertised only online and/or in the Government composite which appears in The Advertiser – Executive, Professional and Management pages
  • Print in community/regional newspapers serving the location of the role
  • There is to be no recruitment vacancy advertising in any interstate or national print media.

Please refer to the Recruitment Advertising Policy and Guidelines.

Functional advertising not listed in the categories above, requires an exemption from the Chief Executive (or an equivalent position in a Statutory Authority/Government Business Enterprise). For more information on the functional exemption delegations of the Chief Executive please refer to page 7 of the Marketing Communications Guidelines.

The Master Media Agency, MEC, has subcontracted the specialised field of functional advertising to Blaze Advertising. 

Blaze Advertising can be contacted on 8130 1900.


Planning and booking functional advertising

All functional advertising must be booked through the government's Master Media Agency sub-contractor, Blaze Advertising, which can provide information on:

  • The range of media options available
  • Costs 
  • Geographical coverage of various newspaper titles
  • Dates of publications
  • Booking deadlines
  • Circulation and readership information

Basic media planning advice can be offered, please allow reasonable timings for these services. Blaze Advertising can also organise typesetting and despatch of advertisements for a set fee. Please call Blaze Advertising on 8130 1900.

The process for planning and booking a functional advertisement is as follows:


Each government agency is responsible for ensuring that the content of all advertisements placed by Blaze Advertising comply with:

  • Federal and State laws, and have been cleared for appearance
  • Government of South Australia policies and guidelines

If your advertisement is outside of the Government of South Australia guidelines you will be required to obtain approval from either PCAG or GCA, depending on the prosed budget.


Artwork produced by Blaze Advertising

When you are using Blaze Advertising to produce your artwork, Blaze Advertising is responsible for producing, proofing and despatching all material to the media in line with individual media deadlines and mechanical/despatch specifications.

If a new template design is required please contact Blaze Advertising. However if you are using an existing template, this will be available on Blaze Advertising's online booking website, www.admomentum.com.au.

Artwork not produced by Blaze Advertising

The government agency is responsible (in conjunction with their appointed creative advertising agency/graphic designer) for producing, proofing and despatching all material to the media in line with individual media deadlines and mechanical/despatch specifications. Blaze Advertising can offer a despatch service, for a nominal fee, if required.

To ensure your advertising is correctly placed by the media, please advise Blaze Advertising of key numbers, despatch and other relevant details to include on it's media booking confirmation.


It is recognised that the needs of government agencies often result in short lead times, necessitating fast turnaround. Please allow time for internal approval processes in addition to the deadlines stated. Consult Blaze Advertising's media deadlines as a guide to the time you should allow when placing your request. In the case of newspapers, advertising space can fill up and premium positions are often in high demand so it is best to brief Blaze Advertising as early as possible to secure the best placement.

Please let your Blaze Advertising representative know if you have an ongoing or repeating requirement for a special placement - for example, an annual event that always requires advertising early in the newspaper. Often, these spots can be booked well in advance, ensuring that you receive the desired position.


There are three ways to book a functional advertisement:

  1. Place your request online via www.admomentum.com.au (the Blaze Advertising representative for your agency can arrange access to, and training in, use of the Admomentum system if you are not a current user)
  2. Email a booking form to your Blaze Advertising representative
  3. Or phone Blaze Advertising on 8130 1900
Quote and Proof

If you are using Blaze Advertising's online booking system, Admomentum, you will be able to review and approve your advertising quotation online.

If Blaze Advertising is producing your advertising, a proof and quotation will be sent (online or via email) for your approval once artwork has been produced.


Once you have approved your quotation and artwork, Blaze Advertising will book your advertising space with the media.

It is important to be sure that you can commit to advertising before booking approval is given to Blaze Advertising as you may be charged cancellation fees by the media.


Blaze Advertising despatches artwork to the media electronically using Quickcut, where possible, or via email.


If you require brand advertising you can find further information on the Briefing the Master Media Agency page.