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Government of South Australia Brand

The corporate identity of any organisation is a valuable asset and the integrity of its public image must be protected and maintained at all times.

The Government of South Australia logo (GOSA logo) consists of:

  • The roundel, incorporating the Piping Shrike and the words ‘South Australia’
  • The words ‘Government of South Australia’

The Common Brand was developed to ensure that a consistent and professional image is maintained with the general public. This enables all levels of the community to recognise Government of South Australia activities, information and services. A single identifiable logo also serves to remind public sector employees that rather than working for an individual department or agency, we are all working for the one government and the community of South Australia. This will assist in fostering further collaborative efforts between government departments to the benefit of the general public. For more information on the Common Brand Policy see Common branding

The GOSA Branding Guidelines outline the way in which the GOSA logo should be used including sizing, positioning and colour versions. Variations of the GOSA logo are provided where activity is sponsored, supported or an initiative. South Australian Government entities are required to follow the Common Branding Policy as directed by a Minister. All communications materials, both internal and external, must clearly identify the Government of South Australia. This includes print collateral and publications, press advertising, radio and audio files (including internet and mobile), television and video files (including internet and mobile), digital display advertising (including emails) and online classifieds, websites, social media, mobile, uniforms and vehicles, and sponsorship.

Click here for the full range of GOSA logos available.

Corporate Stationery
A suite of corporate stationery has been designed for all government entities and Ministerial Offices. All entities must adopt the approved layout to maintain a professional and consistent corporate identity. This includes letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, minutes, envelopes and facsimile. The following stationery suites are available:

  • Standard Suite
    • ​This stationery suite gives the standard default design for all Government entities and Ministerial Offices
  • State Brand Suite
    • This suite of stationery is to be adopted only where the objective of the person/unit/agency is to promote the State or when travelling interstate or overseas. Use of this suite is at the discretion of the Chief Executive
  • Translated Suite
    • This suite of stationery is to be adopted only where translations are required. Use of this suite is at the discretion of the Chief Executive. Templates are available from GCA

Further information on corporate stationery is available in the Branding Guidelines


State Brand

The State Brand embodies South Australia’s values of creativity, innovation and industriousness. The design of the brand is a series of open doorways which lead to new and exciting opportunities in South Australia.

The State Brand has been developed to represent the State in key interstate and international markets. The Government of South Australia has adopted this brand for competitive marketing and positioning of the State to markets including education, investment, migration, trade, export and tourism.
If you would like to know more about the State Brand please see the ‘Open the Door’ eBook

Government of South Australia
Government agencies should use the State Brand when promoting the State as a place to live, work, invest, do business or study as per the Brand South Australia Policy

GCA is the custodian of the State Brand for the Government of South Australia. If you need advice on how to apply the State Brand please feel free to contact GCA. To access State Brand guidelines and logos please click here

Private industry
Brand South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation who manages use of the State Brand for the private sector and community. If your organisation or community group would like to use the State Brand, please contact Brand South Australia